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5 tips to prevent mouse infiltration

5 tips to prevent mouse infiltration

It’s a classic movie scene: the main character is walking, nonchalant, in a random building. It is dark. Suddenly, a small sliver of light shows its face, only to reveal another one – that of a mouse. Shrill screaming, jumping up and down and frantic hand movements follow, and we can’t help but feel compassion for this poor person. Obviously, we are happy not to be in his place!

In this article, Brisebois Extermination provides us with 5 ways to prevent a mouse infestation, especially at this time of year when mice are looking for a warm place to take refuge. Thus, the scene described above will remain fiction!

Caulk areas where a mouse could sneak in

We’ve talked about it in several articles: caulk, caulk, caulk! Mice, like field mice, can squeeze into tiny spaces (the size of a dime). That’s why caulking is one of the best ways to prevent a mouse from getting into your home. What areas should be caulked? Generally, mice use these 5 locations as entry points:

  • The windows
  • The roof
  • The foundations
  • The doors
  • Air vents

If you prefer to leave this work in the hands of professionals, Brisebois Extermination would be pleased to offer you its caulking services. As experts in the field, our qualified team members will know exactly which areas of your home could be used by mice and other rodents to get into your home.

Store food in airtight containers

When we think of mice, the image of a yellow cheese wedge often comes to mind. However, mice eat much more than cheese; they are actually not very picky eaters. In fact, they generally prefer to eat fruits, vegetables, grains and seeds – their love for cheese is more a media fabrication than a reality. It is therefore very important to keep all food out of the reach of mice.

Managing household waste well

Mice are not picky eaters: they will feast on your garbage if you allow them access to it. To prevent them from showing up at your house after a quick trip through your trash, don’t let trash bags pile up and keep them in a well-sealed trash garbage can.

Clean out cluttered rooms in your home

Mice like places full of objects and (by the way) nice little hiding places. Diminish the appeal of your home by keeping the rooms neat and tidy.

Eliminate potential hiding places around the house

Mice often play hide-and-seek in the weeds, and they can use their agility and some fallen branches to get to your roof or attic. Walk around your yard and put yourself in the shoes of a mouse… Where would you like to hide if you were six to eleven centimeters tall? Then, eliminate those potential hiding places!

If, despite all these efforts, you still find yourself face to face with a mouse, don’t lose hope. Call Brisebois Extermination for a free estimate that will only take 2 minutes!