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How to get rid of field mice?

How to get rid of field mice?

In some previous articles, we have discussed in more detail some of the issues with rats and mice. But what about field mice? Who are they? What makes them different from the other little bugs we’ve already talked about? How to prevent a field mouse infestation? And how can we get rid of field mice if we already have them in our homes? The answers to these questions are waiting for you in this article!

What is a field mouse?

According to the Larousse French language dictionary, the “field mouse”, also sometimes called “vole”, is defined as “a small rodent of the woods and fields, a little larger than a mouse, with a scaly tail and some hair”. Unlike some rodents, it prefers the countryside to the city, and does not like to be in houses.

Interestingly, the field mouse is so agile that it can flatten itself to fit into holes the size of a dime! Of course, its weight of 20 to 35 grams also helps it to accomplish such a feat, but it is still impressive!

Is a field mouse the same as a mouse or a rat?

A field mouse is not the same as a mouse or a rat. Although all three are in the rodent family, there is a reason they have different names!

In Quebec, there are many more mice than field mice. The latter, distinguished by their brown color and white belly, also have a slightly lower reproductive capacity than mice.

Also, field mice live shorter lives, around 20 months. As for the mice, they can reach the mature age of 3 years. What about the rats? They are apparently the eldest of the group, sometimes reaching the age of 4 years (in the case of black rats). In short, these and other characteristics distinguish rats and mice from field mice.

Exterminate and prevent field mice from our home: what should I do?

As mentioned above, field mice prefer to enjoy the outdoors than to live within four walls. So don’t be too afraid to find these little rascals at home.

However, it is always a good idea to be more careful than not careful enough. Here are some ideas to help you prevent a field mouse infestation:

  • properly caulk your home;
  • keep your food in airtight containers;
  • ensure that grass and other plants are cut regularly;
  • Properly manage household waste.

These are simple suggestions that could make all the difference!

I have field mice in my house: what should I do?

There is no time to lose! Contact Brisebois Extermination immediately so that a qualified professional can take the pulse of the situation and take the necessary steps to solve the problem.

This way, you won’t have to spend another second thinking about field mice!