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Rodent extermination

Invaded by rodents

Mice and rats have a very fast reproduction rate and usually live in groups. They can therefore quickly form an invasive colony. They often choose to settle in a building. This is an excellent living environment, as they are sheltered and can easily find nesting space and food.

Damage caused by rats and mice

Obviously, a rodent colony on your property causes serious problems. They eat everything in their path: wood, insulation, electrical wires, etc. In addition, their excrement damages the ventilation system. Rodents are therefore particularly harmful, as their activities can lead to fire hazards, mold and moisture problems, structural damage to the building, and significant health problems.

Proposed solution for rodent extermination

When you detect their presence, you must take the necessary measures to control the problem. At Brisebois Extermination, we can offer you a customized solution to get rid of rodents, but also to prevent their return. For example, we can caulk all possible passages.

Are you wondering which exterminator to choose to finally get rid of the problem that has persisted for too long? Check out the"Our Company" section to quickly learn what has made us the rodent experts for over 30 years!

Learn more about these rodents with the sheets below:

exterminateur rongeurs - souris


Very active at night, you will notice their presence by a "scratching" sound at night, or droppings under the sink.

Description of the mouse

Mice are small rodents that usually live in association with humans. Mice build nests inside buildings. They are more active at night. They are good runners, climbers and jumpers.

This rodent weighs between 12 and 30 grams and measures between 65 and 95 mm long. The mice have a very good hearing, a developed sense of smell but a weak vision. They are carriers of diseases.

Rat gris d'égout


Good climber, the rat introduces itself most of the time by the sewers or a crawl space. Learn more here...

Description of the rat

Rats are rodents that generally live in association with humans, are more active at night and are good climbers. They are found either in sewers, in or around buildings.

Rats are brown or black in color, measuring between 20 and 25 cm long and weighing between 225 and 500 grams. They carry diseases through their excrement or through a bite.