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How to prevent rodents?

How to prevent rodents?

We all know someone who bites their nails or, more figuratively, their blood. Others are still impatient and are eating up their time. But what about rodents as such? What are they eating? Which animals fall into this category? Are they dangerous? And how to exterminate them if necessary? Go get your coffee, get comfortable and get ready to learn the answers to these questions!

What do rodents eat?

Rodents are so called because of their ever-growing incisors. In fact, gnawing allows them to feed themselves, but also prevents their teeth from becoming too long, which could injure the little beasts.

Since these mammals include 200 species, it goes without saying that their diet is quite diverse. Although the majority of rodents are herbivores, some are omnivores and others, more rare, are predators. Depending on their species, rodents may enjoy chewing on tree bark, roots, branches, electrical wires, etc. Yes, they are not the most difficult ones!

Which animals are in the rodent family?

Among the 200 species of rodents are some animals we know very well, such as mice, rats, beavers, marmots and squirrels. In Quebec, these five types of rodents are the most common, but we may also come across voles, porcupines and, in pet stores or homes, guinea pigs, hamsters and chinchillas. Obviously, rodents are a family rich in variety!

Are rodents dangerous?

Since we could not explain in detail the potential dangers (if any) of encountering the 200 species of rodents, let’s just cover the most known in Quebec:

The mice

As mentioned in our previous article: How to exterminate mice? mice can carry viruses that, in some cases, are deadly.


As mentioned in our previous article: How to exterminate rats? you should be aware of the diseases that rats can transmit. In addition, rats sometimes gnaw on electrical wires, which can cause fires.

The beavers

They are the largest rodents in Europe and North America, but not the most dangerous! Since they live on the edge of the waterways, they rarely come to our house to disturb us. Perhaps they are still traumatized from our treatment of them in the fur trade days!

The marmots

They are more harmful than dangerous, especially when they start destroying our gardens by building their burrows.

The squirrels

Like groundhogs, squirrels cause mostly property damage (by eating bird seed, for example)! However, there is no need to scream if you come across one.

How to exterminate rodents?

If you have a problem with rodents, don’t take matters into your own hands! Instead, pick up the phone and call Brisebois Extermination, who will take care of the situation.

And you know what? Maybe by being nice to the rodents, they will invite you to their next family dinner!