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How to exterminate mice?

How to exterminate mice?

When, in a cartoon, they join together to make a beautiful dress, or try to save themselves from a tricky cat, or play the role of a damsel in distress who will have to be helped by her lover, we like mice. Maybe we even think they’re kind of cute… But, when we find one (or one of the miniature “gifts” they leave us) at home, oh boy! Everything changes! Suddenly, we don’t like this little animal at all, and we absolutely want to get rid of it. How to do it? And why? Read on to learn the answers to these questions!

How to get rid of a mouse?

Good news: mice are not an endangered or vulnerable species! We can therefore exterminate them in good conscience with a trap, without fear of breaking a government law.

To make sure the mouse doesn’t suffer too much (because even if we didn’t invite it home, we don’t want to torture it), it would be best to buy a trap, but not a sticky trap. Why? In fact, a mouse that gets caught in a glue trap is likely to have a rather long and painful death, since it will either starve to death, or panic and have a heart attack, or get its nose stuck in the glue and suffocate… In short, nothing very pleasant!

However, there are other types of traps that are not only less cruel, but also more effective. Which ones? Let’s look at three of them.

  • The spring trap: this is the classic and inexpensive trap that we find in all hardware stores. To attract mice, you can put a food that has a strong odor (candy, peanut butter, etc.). In some cases, this trap can be used more than once.
  • The electric trap: it costs more, but it allows to kill the mouse with an electric shock that will not make it suffer. It can be used several times.
  • The capture trap: it does not kill the mouse, but keeps it in captivity so that you can release it into the wild. The ideal (albeit more expensive) solution for more sensitive hearts!

Obviously, if, despite your efforts, your house remains infested with mice, don’t delay: contact Brisebois Extermination.

Why get rid of a mouse?

The answer may seem obvious to you, but the question still arises. Chinchillas and guinea pigs are common pets in some households, so why would anyone want to get rid of a mouse?

Basically, it’s because they can unfortunately carry diseases. Be especially careful if you come across a deer mouse! Recognizable by its brown/grey color and white belly, it can transmit one of the hantaviruses, which eventually leads to respiratory difficulties.

So, if you really want to tame a mouse, go to a pet store or shelter and get one. At least you’ll know it won’t be potentially harmful to your health! And who knows? Maybe it will help you get dressed in the morning!