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How to get bats out of your house?

How to get bats out of your house?

Terrifying flying creatures, at least that’s what the collective imagination has led us to believe, bats are magnificent mammals, as long as they stay away from our homes! Did you accidentally let a bat into your house? Are you wondering how to get rid of it and if its presence is dangerous for your family? The pest management experts Brisebois Exterminations Inc. answer all your questions about bat capture.

In winter, you may come face to face with a bat, or its droppings, as you prepare a nice evening snack. It kind of spoils your plans, because living with a bat is not the best idea.

The bat: a harmful and protected nocturnal creature

In our homes, the bat is not the best of friends. In its natural habitat, however, it is a different story! This winged mammal is a protected species in Quebec. It is therefore strictly forbidden to exterminate it. However, you will be able to chase it out of your home by following our capture method.

Since they feed on an impressive quantity of insects (several thousand in only one hour), some of which carry serious diseases, bats contribute to the elimination of harmful insects. In themselves, they are therefore the proud standard bearers of a pesticide-free ecosystem. So it’s good news that we can benefit from their presence.

Does his uncoordinated movements, his high-pitched screams and his pretty, pointed smile make your blood run cold? You wouldn’t be the only one, don’t worry. Be aware that bats are not evil. If they fly erratically, it is simply because they cannot see. And the pretty smile they show is simply their way of avoiding a predator attack.

Why you shouldn’t let a bat colony establish itself in your home?

  • No, you won’t turn into Batman or Batgirl when you meet them
  • They lead a whole train when they group together
  • They are carriers of parasites
  • Their droppings (guano) and urine will cause unsanitary conditions
  • It won’t smell very good in your house
  • Their bites and scratches can potentially transmit rabies
  • Their teeth are so fine that they can bite you incognito

How do you get rid of a bat that has broken into your house?

  1. Take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay.
  2. Put on the toughest work gloves you have.
  3. Open doors and windows wide and dim your interior lights. The bat will come out by itself at dusk, but it must be dark for it to do so.
  4. If it avoids showing its nose, you will have to try to capture it and release it outside. If you already know that such a thing is out of the question for you (we don’t judge you), you can contact our team of pest management experts right away who will be happy to solve your home bat problem.
  5. To try to capture it by yourself, there is no magic method. You can try catching it with a net, a paper towel roll, or by trapping it inside a large container and sliding a cardboard box under the opening. The bat is a fragile creature, handle it with the care it deserves.
  6. Bravo, you caught it! Release the bat outside, if possible by gently placing it near a tree trunk. She will cling to it to prepare for her flight.
  7. Remove your gloves, wash them and soap your hands thoroughly for 15 minutes.

To receive more personalized advice on how to avoid bat infiltration problems in your home, don’t hesitate to ask our experts for advice.