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Exterminate the pharaoh ant: everything you need to know to avoid and get rid of it

Exterminate the pharaoh ant: everything you need to know to avoid and get rid of it

In Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (or Asterix and Cleopatra for readers of the comic book), there is no mention of the Pharaoh’s Ants.


Not really, especially if you take into account that the scenario has no connection with ants – and that pharaoh ants do not come from Egypt.

Yes, their name is misleading.

So where do pharaoh ants come from? Who are they? And, more importantly, what can you do if you come across such ants at home?

Luckily for you, we’re here to explain it all to you!

Pharaoh ants like to travel

Once upon a time, pharaoh ants were probably in Africa.

Yes, in Africa. But not in Egypt! They were rather in tropical Africa.

With time, the pharaoh ants took advantage of international trade to walk in Europe, then in America.

Nowadays, pharaoh ants are found all over the world. Real little travelers!

Why avoid pharaoh ants?

Pharaoh ants should not be adopted as pets for at least three reasons:

Pharaoh ants can carry diseases.

Most people are not at risk for the diseases that pharaoh ants can carry, such as staphylococcus and salmonella. On the other hand, these diseases could quickly start circulating in hospitals, clinics or homes of frail people.

Pharaoh ants steal food.

Pharaoh ants will eat just about anything that humans put in their mouths, so if you don’t want thousands of other mouths to feed, avoid pharaoh ants.

Pharaoh ants like to gather.

Yes, pharaoh ants are very social insects that like to gather. Pharaoh ant colonies often have thousands of ants!

How to avoid pharaoh ants?

Here are 3 suggestions:

  1. Don’t leave food lying around on your counter or floor, even if it’s just small crumbs. For the pharaoh ants, these small abandoned foodstuffs will be an invitation to come and enjoy a feast.
  2. Before bringing garden items (soil, flowers, etc.) into your home, make sure there are no pharaoh ants inside.
  3. Caulk your doors and windows! To learn more about caulking, read our two articles on the subject:

What should I do if I find pharaoh ants in my home?

Here is the process to follow (in two steps):

Step 1: to eliminate pharaoh ants

Don’t panic. These are not little fire ants, but pharaoh ants. They won’t hurt you. So stay calm and follow step 2.

Step 2: to eliminate pharaoh ants

Instead oftrying to do the job yourself, call a professional. If you are on the South Shore (Beloeil, Longueuil, Sainte-Julie, etc.), THE professional to call is Brisebois Extermination. Call us now!

In the time to tell, one of our experts will help you. So, as in Asterix, there will be no more mention of pharaoh ants in your home!