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4 reasons to caulk your home

4 reasons to caulk your home

Today we will discuss caulking. Specifically, we will look at the definition of caulking, why it is important to caulk your home, and who we can consult to obtain this service.


Caulking simply means sealing openings in a building, such as doors and windows. But why would we do that? Let’s look at 4 reasons.

4 reasons to caulk your home:

Caulking prevents air leakage

According to Hydro Quebec, 25% of the heat loss in a house can be caused by air leaks. By caulking your home, you won’t heat the outside in winter, and you’ll keep the air cool inside during the summer.

Caulking protects your home from water infiltration

The number one cause of water infiltration is broken caulking. So, when doors and windows are properly sealed, you are less likely to have damage to your home, or worse, a mold problem that could put your health or the health of other residents at risk!

Caulking prevents pests from visiting

We’ve talked about it in several articles: caulking prevents small animals, such as mice, field mice and rats, from moving into your home. These rodents can get into some pretty tight spots, so every crack or opening is a potential entry point for them. By caulking your home, you will close every one of those doors!

Caulking prevents insects from entering

If even rodents can get through cracks in the edges of doors and windows, imagine how easy it is for insects to enter a poorly caulked house! If you find that you seem to be encountering an abnormal number of ants, ladybugs or other insects in your home, it could very well be that your home is due for caulking. In fact, even if you don’t think you have a bug problem, check the caulking in your home. You never know!

Who offers the caulking service?

If, after reading this article, you find that you could use some caulking services, don’t look too far. You are in the right place! Brisebois Extermination will be pleased to provide you with a free estimate, and then begin the caulking process. Call us now at 514 595-9140!

This way, you will say goodbye to air leaks, water infiltration, mice in the attic, and ants in the kitchen!