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Asian ladybugs: bugs that annoy us

Asian ladybugs: bugs that annoy us

Every year, they gather like an army on your walls, your windows, your doors – in short, on any surface ready to receive them! With their carapace decorated with small black peas, they are easily recognizable. You guessed it: we’re talking about Asian ladybugs, those famous bugs that like to visit us, especially in the fall and spring. However, in the vast majority of homes, these visitors are far from welcome. Where do they come from, and how can we prevent our home from becoming a haven for these unwanted invaders?

Where do Asian ladybugs come from?

If you don’t remember having to share your home with these little creatures as a child, it’s no coincidence! In fact, these insects are not native, but rather were imported from Asia (hence their name) in the 1980s to participate in a biological fight against certain pests, such as aphids. The first population identified in North America dates back to 1988, and you only have to go forward six years, to 1994, to find the first mention of this bug in Quebec. The cohabitation between us and this species of ladybug has not been going on for very long! However, this one is not the most pleasant…

What to do to keep Asian ladybugs away?

There is an old saying: “prevention is better than cure”. So if you’re lucky enough not to have to deal with those pesky colonies yet, get a head start! Check for any gaps that could allow them to enter your fireplace, such as soffits or ventilation grills (maximum size 3 to 4 mm). In addition, caulk cracks and holes on facades that are most exposed to the sun and keep screens on your doors and windows in good condition. If you prefer to remove them, make sure you don’t open your windows if ladybugs are around: they will surely see it as a cordial invitation. If possible, cover external vents or ducts with suitable dampers or screens, and don’t forget to pay attention to the airtightness of door frames!

My house is infested with Asian ladybugs: how can I get rid of them?

If this species gathers on the edges of your windows, don’t despair! Get out your handheld vacuum cleaner and have fun rediscovering the color of your walls! Even if you are not feeling particularly empathetic, then take the bag outside and release your former roommates away from the house or into the garden. If the situation persists, do not hesitate to contact a Brisebois Extermination technician, who will help you gently remove these insects from your home.

In the end, they are just little bugs that are harmless to humans. By taking steps to keep them away and knowing what to do in the event of an invasion, you can rest easy knowing that Asian ladybugs, while annoying, will not attack you.