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4 facts about Quebec squirrels

4 facts about Quebec squirrels

There are some ideas about Quebec squirrels that are interesting to know. Let’s look at some of them.

Squirrels have incisors that never stop growing

Drum roll… It’s true!

Since they are members of the rodent family, it is the act of chewing that keeps squirrels from getting overgrown front teeth. For squirrels, gnawing is necessary to avoid injury or feeding difficulties.

Squirrels hibernate in winter

No, it’s not true!

Squirrels are still active in winter, but they are more discreet because, like us, they are trying to protect themselves from the bad weather.

Squirrels cannot carry rabies

This is not true!

The two little girls in Our Friends, the Men had a perfectly normal reaction when they saw Zamy the Squirrel’s frothy mouth, because yes, these animals can carry rabies. However, this disease is very rarely found in small rodents. If a squirrel bites you, it is more likely to transmit salmonellosis, Lyme disease, tularemia or leptospirosis than rabies. Does this mean you should run away when you see a squirrel? Not at all, as they are usually harmless. You just have to be careful and vigilant, as with other wild animals!

Squirrels can find food in the snow

Yes, it’s true!

Their sense of smell allows them to locate food in winter, even if it is covered with 30 cm of snow! Also, according to scientists, squirrels are quite organized and position their supplies in strategic locations that they will remember later. Thus, they manage to get through the difficult winters without starving!

Squirrels don’t get into houses

Unfortunately, this idea is false!

In fact, there are a number of factors that can contribute to the risk of having a bushy-tailed visitor in the house. Here are 3 of them:

  • Fear of predators: A pregnant female may decide to enter a house to give birth to her young without fear of predator attack.
  • Cold: Especially during the winter months, squirrels like to stay warm in our homes.
  • Food: If you have a bird feeder, you are attracting squirrels, which may try to find an entry point to infiltrate your home.

What to do if you find yourself with one of Scrat’s friends at home? If you have read our other blog posts, you already know the answer: contact Brisebois Extermination!