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Outdoor pest prevention methods

Outdoor pest prevention methods

Do you have infestation problems on your property? There are a number of exterior pest prevention methods available in this case. With specific techniques, you can secure your property and equipment, while protecting yourself from certain diseases.

Insects, rodents and wild animals can cause allergic reactions and infections. They affect infrastructure, farms and the peace and quiet of everyday life. They also convey a negative image of the places they squat. Here are a few solutions to prevent an outdoor invasion.

Managing waste

Most pests tend to hang around garbage bins. Waste management is therefore an essential step in preventing infestation problems. You can start by collecting and rinsing food packaging before throwing it away. Avoid leaving litter lying around, which can be a source of food.

Organic waste should be stored in a well-locked composter in an area away from the house. Don’t hesitate to entrust your garbage to an organization that collects it regularly. If this is not possible, we recommend investing in several hermetically sealed containers. Never forget to close them properly, and clean the surrounding area thoroughly.

Maintaining cleanliness

Maintaining cleanliness is essential to keep pests at bay. If you have an outdoor kitchen, clean the surfaces regularly, especially after cooking sessions. Ants, for example, are attracted by sweet food and sticky substances. It’s important to ensure that no trace of it remains. Use effective cleaners for successful prevention.

All food must be stored in airtight containers, to prevent pests from gaining access. Knowing that it only takes a few minutes for a veritable colony of ants to be alerted and arrive for a tasting! Get into the habit of cleaning up after every meal, whether inside or outside the house. Don’t leave anything edible lying around. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Blocking access to pests

More specifically, it involves setting up obstacles to block access to rodents, ants, ladybugs and other insects. You can, for example, install mosquito netting around windows, or wire netting around areas where pests pass. Plug or seal cable and pipe entry points. Create a barrier around pipe systems. Also, cracks and holes need to be caulked long before the ants make use of them.

Reduce or remove water sources

Water is as essential to the survival of many pests as food. Ants and ladybugs, for example, are attracted to watering holes, even though they only need a small amount. That’s why we often find them in a washbasin or under the sink. One way to prevent their invasion is to repair water leaks and reduce humidity.

Contact a craftsman to repair any leaks in your plumbing system. Be on the lookout for signs of dampness in your home, especially where firewood is stored. In addition, dry out all stagnant water, to reduce the number of places where pests can proliferate.

Use natural repellents

The use of natural repellents can help prevent an invasion. Here are a few products known for their effectiveness:

  • Diatomaceous earth: also known as silicon dioxide, this substance keeps insects at bay. Place a small amount on windowsills and doorways;
  • Camphor essential oil: this natural solution will also repel insects. Mix with water and pour into a spray bottle. Spray high-traffic areas;
  • Citronella and peppermint essential oils: these products are particularly effective against ants. They can also be used as a preventive measure;
  • White vinegar: pour some into a bottle and spray it on all the surfaces that ants like;
  • Lemon juice: sprinkle in areas popular with ants to keep them away. You can also spray it on the areas they pass through;
  • Cigarette ash: ladybugs don’t like the smell of cigarette ash. Sprinkle some in flower pots to scare them away.

Adopt our preventive treatments at Brisebois Extermination

Preventive treatment against pests is necessary in two situations. In the first case, you’ve tried various external prevention methods, but to no avail. The escape persists, despite several interventions. In the second case, you’re looking for effective solutions to protect your domain.

At Brisebois Extermination, we have a team of technicians who know what they’re doing. Our staff will be able to offer advice on prevention. They can also be called in for extermination. They proceed step by step, from inspection to processing, in compliance with current regulations. They will carry out an inspection to identify what is keeping pests in your home. The necessary measures will then be taken accordingly.

You can count on our team for professional work and valuable recommendations. We advise you to avoid another invasion. We operate in many locations, including Brossard, Longueuil, Montreal, and Saint-Bruno and surrounding areas. Contact us for a quote and we’ll come to you.