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Mouse control: prevention is the answer

Mouse control: prevention is the answer

Mice can become a real nuisance once they have settled in, causing various types of damage of varying severity. These rodents tend to take up residence in homes during the winter. The best strategy for controlling these pests is prevention. Find out our tips for preventing mice from multiplying in your home. The rule is to prevent them from taking up residence in your home in the first place by eliminating all the elements that could encourage their installation. So how do you prevent a mouse invasion

Why do mice like our homes?

The first thing to know is that the mouse is omnivorous. This means that this rodent will eat anything it finds. In any case, he has a preference for fatty and sweet foods. Thanks to a very sensitive sense of smell, the mouse will quickly and easily locate where the food is. In addition to seeking food, this rodent also needs to reproduce. For this, it needs a warm place.

Here is a summary of the conditions favorable to the arrival of these murids in your home:

  • Heat;
  • Humidity;
  • Food or even just crumbs lying around.

It is especially in the cool season that mice will show up. Be especially vigilant between October and April.

Signs to recognize a mouse invasion

When it comes to mouse prevention, you need to learn to recognize the signs of an intruder. This will allow you to react as soon as possible and avoid a real infestation. There are 3 signs you need to be particularly aware of:

  • Nibbling all over the house: you see it not only on food, but also on various objects such as cardboard boxes or even shoes, not to mention electrical cables;
  • Unusual noises are heard when everything is quiet in the house, especially during the night: you hear scratching and squeaking noises;
  • Small droppings and traces of urine can be seen behind the furniture and in the corners.

4 steps to take to prevent a mouse invasion

If you have any doubts that mice may be invading your home, there are 4 steps you should take to avoid a massive infestation:

  • Garbage Disposal
  • Preservation of foodstuffs in such a way as to make them inaccessible to pests
  • Proper cleaning of the house
  • Maintenance of the garden and other outdoor spaces

Disposing of garbage

Did you know that mice are particularly fond of garbage? For these rodents, it is a real pantry. They will enjoy browsing and snacking on anything and everything. They even like to take up residence in the garbage heaps. So keep your home neat and tidy so as not to attract unwanted guests. Garbage must be systematically disposed of in the trash, in a container with a lid.

Storing food properly

Again, you need to make sure that all food is inaccessible to mice. They will smell the odors from far away and will be delighted to find crumbs lying around. Always use airtight boxes to store food. Avoid cardboard containers, which they will chew to their heart’s content.

Be careful, the same conservation measures are also valid for the food intended for your pets whose bowls you clean carefully every night.

Cleaning the house well

It is imperative that your home be kept clean and tidy. A cluttered room with clutter would be an ideal home for mice. So make sure you get rid of anything that is unnecessary. Pay particular attention to basements and attics, especially since these areas tend not to be overly inspected.

Maintain outdoor spaces

Outdoor spaces should be as pristine as your interior. Make sure you maintain your garden regularly so that mice don’t find refuge there. There should be no food or garbage lying around. Also, make sure there are no places or nooks where rodents can hide.

How to identify and block potential mouse entry points?

One solution to prevent mice is to identify and block all potential entry points for these rodents. The measures to be taken must be even more rigorous if you live in the country and if your home has a garden. Also, vigilance is required if your home is located near sewer outlets or dumpsters.

In any case, you must identify and block all possible entry points. Especially since mice are particularly agile and can climb everywhere. These rodents have the ability to embed themselves easily, even in very small holes. It only takes an inch for them to squeeze through. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Locate all the holes and cracks, make sure you don’t miss any;
  • Plug all possible entry points
  • Install grills at doors and windows;
  • Place traps throughout the house (near open areas), in the cellar or attic.

Call in a professional for effective mouse control

Sometimes preventive measures are insufficient to avoid an invasion. In this case, you can call on our services. At Brisebois Extermination, we can assist you in the fight against mice. We will be able to advise you on the steps to take to effectively deal with unwanted guests.