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How to find a good exterminator in Quebec?

How to find a good exterminator in Quebec?

For the past few days, your Google searches have been focused on one topic: ants.

Carpenter ant vs. black ant,”types of ants,”“tiny ant invasion,” – you’ve researched every possible keyword to peel back the material thoroughly. Someone looking through your search history would think you had a secret passion.

And yet, you are not a bug fanatic at all.

In fact, the reason behind your search is that last week you noticed a heavy presence of ants in your home. There are always a couple of them wandering around on your floors and walls in the summer, but this year the problem seems more serious.

You have come across our last article, “I have ants at home – How to identify the most common types of ants in Quebec“, and you have determined that the ants you have come across in your home are carpenter ants.

Now you’re looking for information on how to find a qualified exterminator near you. Are there any criteria that a good exterminator should meet? Should you be wary of some exterminators?

If you have these or similar questions, this article is for you. Whether you have carpenter ants, rats or cockroaches in your home, here’s how to find a qualified exterminator in Quebec!

A good exterminator must be trustworthy

Like any other professional you might consult, an exterminator must be reliable. That’s why we recommend that you ask your family and friends if they know of any exterminators with whom they have had good experiences. If those around you can’t help you, you may need to take a chance.

A little friendly advice: check the website of the extermination company you are thinking of doing business with. Often, the quality of the website goes hand in hand with the quality of the service provided!

A good exterminator will provide you with a free quote

Charging a client before they have even agreed to receive services is unprofessional. Beware of companies that operate in this way.

A good exterminator will not make you wait for services

If you have an infestation of carpenter ants or other pests in your home, you probably don’t want to wait 3 months for the situation to be resolved. A good exterminator should therefore be able to offer you services very quickly, within a few days of your call (and even the next day if possible).

A good exterminator values customer satisfaction

Since a good exterminator cares about his work and your satisfaction, he will also give you a guarantee. At Brisebois Extermination, every guarantee is put in writing to protect our customers.

A good exterminator does not hide his methods of intervention

If you have any questions, your exterminator should not hide anything from you. Instead, they should describe the steps they will take to help you.

Where to find the best exterminator on the South Shore

You probably already know our answer: Brisebois Extermination!

Indeed, we respect the 5 criteria mentioned in this article, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers to prove it.

If you are in the South Shore and need a good exterminator, stop googling and call us for a free quote and great service. Carpenter ants, we eat that for lunch!