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How to fight ants in winter?

How to fight ants in winter?

In winter, ants are generally discreet. Indeed, it is the season of their “hibernation”. These beasts usually burrow deep into the ground. Nevertheless, it is possible for them to manifest themselves in your homes. This happens when their nest is inside your home or not far from the building’s foundation. Their presence can easily become unpleasant. At the slightest suspicion of invasion, you must take action.

Before fighting ants, you must first find out why they are there. The kitchen, the living room, or the bedroom can be infested. Moreover, these insects arrive in waves when they smell food and moisture. So how do you get rid of them this winter?

What attracts ants?

Ants eat almost everything. Also, they are able to adapt to extreme conditions. In any case, there must be something that attracts them to you.

The water

Water is essential for the survival of ants. These insects usually head for the shower, drains and/or kitchen to satisfy their need to hydrate. They particularly appreciate humid rooms where they come and go again and again to draw water, sometimes carried to the nest.

The food

Leftover food inexorably attracts ants, which are fond of anything edible, especially sweets. That’s why these insects are most often found in the kitchen.

Household garbage is also popular with these pests, especially if it contains food. It is then highly recommended to empty the garbage can daily.

A place to build a nest

Ants usually make their nests in the ground. Nevertheless, they can appreciate the security provided by the interior of a house. These insects will then intrude into the gaps of your walls to invade your interior discreetly. They will then be installed inside the walls and near the baseboards. Also, they are attracted to aged or even rotten wood.

The plants

Although ants are not fond of houseplants, they appreciate the scent released by flowers. Also, they have a penchant for moist soil that may have various residues. These insects could find food and compromise the health of the plant.

How to get rid of ants in winter?

There are many options for getting rid of ants this winter. If the intrusion is even less, you can use natural methods.

The essential oil of lavender

Lavender essential oil is a natural ant repellent. You can use it in different ways:

  • Spray: mix water with a few drops of lavender essential oil in a spray bottle before spreading it around. The scent scares away pests;
  • Place impregnated tissues throughout the house: pour a few drops of the solution on handkerchiefs to be placed in the places where these pests pass.


Peppermint is a repellent that will naturally keep ants (and other insects) away. However, be careful not to adopt this trick if you have a cat. Here’s how to do it:

  • Pour about fifteen drops of peppermint essential oil in two glasses of water;
  • Spray the mixture in areas where ants are passing/lodging, such as baseboards, walls and windows, closets and sinks;
  • Repeat the operation every day for a week;
  • Renew if ants return.

White vinegar

This product scares away ants with its strong smell. Here’s how to use it to repel these insects:

  • Mix equal parts white vinegar and water;
  • Soak a cloth with the solution thus obtained;
  • Wipe over the areas where the ants have been;
  • Do not hesitate to act directly in the presence of insects.

The lemon

Lemon is an effective ally in the fight against ants. Here’s how to do it:

  • Mix three quarters of lemon juice with one quarter of water;
  • Pour some on a clean cloth to be passed on the noticed routes of the ants.

You can also place moldy lemon at the base of your houseplants to keep these pests at bay.


This product is particularly effective in scaring away ants and preventing their return. It has been found that these insects do not cross the chalk. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Crush the chalk;
  • Place them around the areas where pests tend to come.

You can also make it simpler by simply drawing chalk lines around the areas you want to preserve.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are a formidable weapon against ants. The latter are inexorably attracted by the smell of this product which is however fatal to them. They do not survive by consuming it. In practice, it is sufficient to place wet coffee grounds in the path of the ants. When they see the destructive effect of this product, they will avoid going down the same path.

Use our services to eradicate ants

Sometimes natural methods are no longer effective in controlling ants. A colony can have many individuals and the situation can quickly become unmanageable. A radical solution is then necessary. You could turn to the ant control products available on the market, but it can be difficult to choose the right one. Especially since you need to use the right substance for the type of ant that has invaded your home. Moreover, these products could be bad for your health, your pets’ health, and the environment if used improperly.

At Brisebois Extermination, we are professionals in pest management. We have the experience, skills and products to control an ant infestation. We get rid of them efficiently and permanently.