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How to exterminate the serrated beetle?

How to exterminate the serrated beetle?

Imagine that you are an insect and that you have the privilege to choose the name of your species. Which of the following choices would tempt you the most?

  1. Serrated beetle
  2. Silvain
  3. Oryzaephilus surinamensis

Obviously, option 2 would be the easiest. However, you may be surprised to learn that we did not invent these names. There is in fact one insect that carries them all.

Yes, poor him!

In this article, we will explain what a serrated beetle is, as well as how you can keep it away and exterminate it.

What is the serrated beetle?

The serrated beetle is a member of the Silvanidae family, hence the name silvain.

It is a beetle, so it is in the same order of insects as ladybugs and beetles.

Its name, “serrated beetle”, comes from the fact that this insect has sharp tooth-like bumps on its thorax, as you can see in the top image. It is often referred to as the “serrated grain beetle” because it is known to occur in stored food products.

How can we keep the serrated beetle away?

Fortunately, the presence of serrated beetles does not pose a health risk to humans. But that doesn’t mean we want to welcome them!

So let’s look at some ways to keep jagged beetles away:

Regularly examine your stored products.

For example, if your flour bag looks like it has been grinded, be careful! It is possible that a serrated beetle has been inserted.


Vacuum under appliances and in your pantry to remove all crumbs. Somewhat like dogs, serrated beetles are well attracted to unclaimed food. If you want to prevent them from visiting you, it is better to clean all traces of food that could tempt these small insects.

Use airtight containers to store your food.

Due to their flat body, serrated beetles can fit into some food packages. If you store your food in airtight containers, however, you eliminate any danger. And while you’re buying airtight containers, you can take the opportunity to organize your pantry. This way you can combine business with pleasure!

Attention: beetles are also interested in pet food. Make sure it is out of their reach. If you’re trying hard to keep jagged beetles away from your personal food items while they’re playing in your cat food bags, you’re working a bit in a vacuum. Too bad!

How can we exterminate serrated beetles?

If you think you have a serrated beetle problem in your home, you have two choices:

  1. Try to solve the problem yourself
  2. Contact the experts

Interested in option 2? Call us for a free telephone estimate.

It will be simple, fast and efficient.

Serrated beetle, silvain, Oryzaephilus surinamensis: whatever you call it, we get rid of it!