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How to exterminate larder beetles?

How to exterminate larder beetles?

Sometimes, without even knowing what it is exactly, we can hear a word or a name and be instantly struck by a deep sense of disgust. For example, whether you know the definition of the word “purulent” or not, the mental image that comes to you when you read it must not be very pleasant…

When you read the title of this article, did the same thing happen? Have you ever wondered what a “larder beetle” might be? If so, you’re not alone, and that’s why we wrote this article.

In addition to examining the characteristics of the larder beetle, we’ll look at how to prevent it from appearing in our lives (or in our kitchen). One thing is certain, we want to avoid the larder beetle, and not just because of its name!

What is a larder beetle?

When you see a name like “larder beetle”, it’s normal to wonder!

As you can see in the top image, the larder beetle is an insect that, as an adult, is oval in shape and black or chocolate brown in color. On its back, we find a transversal line, as well as 6 small dark points. In general, the length of the larder beetle is 6 to 9 millimeters, so it is a fairly small insect.

Can we make a connection between the name “bacon dermestid” and the famous bines we can eat at Ben & Florentine?

Yes and no.

In fact, the larder beetle feeds on meat, hence its name. On the other hand, it also eats skin and sometimes even corpses! Disgusting!

In Quebec, instead of calling them “larder beetles”, these and similar insects are commonly referred to as “moisture bugs”. Larder beetles are the most common moisture bugs in Quebec!

How to avoid larder beetles in your home?

To prevent a larder beetle infestation, you should among other things:

  • Properly caulk your home (you can read our latest article on why your home should be properly caulked);
  • Vacuum regularly to remove dead insects and other potential food sources for larder beetles;
  • Provide general housekeeping in your home on a frequent basis.

How to exterminate larder beetles if you see them at home?

If you already have larder beetles in your home, it’s not the end of the world! Instead of spending hours trying to find a solution on your own, call in the experts. Remember that if you need advice or extermination services, Brisebois Extermination is always there to help you.

To conclude, we cannot always rely on the name of something to determine whether we will like it or not. For example, unless you’re a Star Wars fan, the word “coruscant” probably doesn’t fill you with awe. However, this word is an adjective to describe something shiny, sparkling, beautiful.

However, if you read the word “larder beetle” and your intuition suggested something undesirable, you were right! Indeed, we do not want to end up with this insect at home. Fortunately, if you apply the tips found in this article, you should get positive results. If not, call us and we’ll do the rest!

Good-bye, larder beetles… Forever!