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Has a raccoon infiltrated your home?

Has a raccoon infiltrated your home?

As spring arrives, the mama raccoon is looking to infiltrate your home. As cute as she is, don’t let her fool you! She is looking for warmth and protection in order to give birth to her baby raccoons safely. The raccoon is a nuisance wild animal to be wary of. The Quebec authorities have set up a plan to control raccoon rabies in order to control the areas at risk of propagation.

A fierce ninja with five tiny fingers as nimble as a human’s, the raccoon is undoubtedly an ace at digging through your garbage and destroying your soffit. Don’t let it get too comfortable and follow our 7 professional exterminator tips to prevent unwanted encounters with this masked thief.

How do raccoons get inside your home?

Using objects and trees near your home, the racoon can gain access to your roof. It then rips out your soffit and slowly creeps into your attic, unnoticed by anyone. Fortunately, there are a few tips that will save you from having to deal with a mommy rat boosted by pregnancy hormones. Discover our 7 tips for controlling raccoons.

Keep tree branches away from your house

These walkways are a breeze for raccoons looking to visit you. Make sure your branches are far enough away from your roof. If not, prune them.

Make sure your garbage cans are tightly closed

Nocturnal and omnivorous animal, the raccoon will take a malicious pleasure to check the solidity of your dustbins. We suggest that you put out your garbage on the morning of the collection.

Do not leave any support points near your home

Trash cans, storage bins, outdoor furniture and other structures of varying heights are all invitations to climb your home. If possible, try to relocate objects that are a little too close to your construction.

Solidify your aluminum soffit

You can reinforce your soffit and install screens at your vents. Who said it would be easy to access your attic?

Don’t let grubs infest your lawn

Like the skunk, the raccoon feasts on grubs hidden in your lawn. A treatment against grubs will make this food source inaccessible.

Block access to your deck, patio and shed

Don’t hesitate to install a fence or cement blocks so that no pests build their burrows under your deck! Make sure there are no pregnant mommies underneath your facility before you seal it off.

Forget quickly the idea of making it your pet

Some people manage to feed raccoons as easily as squirrels eat out of your hand. We strongly advise against trying to tame them. The best way to show them you love them is to help them find their home.

Call Brisebois Extermination

By calling on our raccoon capture experts, your raccoon friend will be able to return more quickly to a natural environment or a wildlife reserve adapted to its needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for an emergency, a control or a preventive treatment against raccoons.