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Carpenter ants: a hidden defect?

Carpenter ants: a hidden defect?

Following a housewarming party, it can happen to make discoveries that drastically reduce our pleasure.

These are the hidden defects.

“Didn’t anyone bring up that there was mold here?”

“There’s water seeping into the basement!”

Or, “There are black ants walking around my new house…”.

Is it normal to have ants inside a house?

Ants in a house can happen.

For example, following an outdoor activity (walking, mowing the lawn, etc.), an ant may cling to our shoe and find refuge in our home.

However, frequent occurrence is abnormal. This is not insignificant.

Distinguishing a carpenter ant from a sand ant

In Quebec, although they can be Pharaoh ants, carpenter ants and sand ants are the most problematic at home.

The main characteristic that distinguishes a carpenter ant from a sand ant is size.

Carpenter ant: varies between 6.35 mm and 12.7 mm.

Sand ant: about 4.8 mm

The Carpenter ant is more imposing than the sand ant.

The second characteristic that distinguishes a carpenter ant from a sand ant is the color.

Carpenter ant: it is black in color. *

Sand ant: it is brown and black in color with lighter legs and antennas.

*In Quebec, the black carpenter ant is the most common carpenter ant. However, the red carpenter ant also nests on the territory.

The problem with carpenter ants

A sand ant is usually attracted to food. The problem can be solved quickly!

A carpenter ant, on the other hand, is a sign of a deeper problem. In a house, the visible presence of black (or red depending on the type) carpenter ants is a sign that a nest is inside.

The number of ants visible inside your home is about 2% of the total number of ants in the nest. These are the worker ants you see.

Carpenter ants divide their numbers into several “satellite nests”.

  1. A queen produces a colony of ants.
  2. The colony then divides into several “satellite nests”.

Thus, a “satellite nest” has been forged in your wall or in your attic.

There can be several nests in the same house.

This is often related to a moisture problem. Water infiltration at the patio door, window frame or in the attic can quickly become a carpenter ant complication.

Inside your walls, they make tunnels in the wood. Their network can quickly become extensive and weaken your frame.

The size of the ant is an important clue as to how long the nest has been present in the house. The bigger the ant, the longer it takes.

A technician from Brisebois extermination will easily be able to tell you the details of your problem.


Brisebois extermination and carpenter ants

Brisebois extermination is a team of outstanding technicians who have been practicing the extermination profession for over 30 years!

Professional and efficient, each exterminator at Brisebois extermination has a wealth of experience that allows them to solve a carpenter ant problem every time. We cover the south shore of Montreal.

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With a permit from the Ministère du Développement Durable du Québec in hand, each employee acts in accordance with Environment Canada regulations.

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