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5 tips to exterminate earwigs

5 tips to exterminate earwigs

Who would you trust to pierce your ears: an experienced jeweler or a brown insect armed with two claw-like appendages on the back of the body? No doubt the answer is easy!

However, the question itself is useless: earwigs, despite their name, will not pierce your ears! They are actually quite harmless.

That doesn’t mean we want to welcome them into our homes… So, let’s look at 3 ways to get rid of forficulas (a less scary name for earwigs) at home and 2 ways to get rid of them in our garden!

At home

* Earwigs do not seek to enter homes. Thus, it is rare to have an infestation. So the following tips are useful for eliminating only a few forficulas at a time. *

  1. Use essential oils. You can scent your home with basil, cinnamon, eucalyptus and peppermint. Why not get an essential oil diffuser to combine the useful (keeping the bugs away) with the pleasant (creating a relaxing atmosphere)? However, beware: some essential oils can be dangerous for your pets. So research your veterinary clinic before using this method if you have pets!
  2. Create a trap. You can make a trap with items you probably already have on hand. Since earwigs are nocturnal, set up your trap in the evening and discover the results in the morning! For example, you can make a small wading pool out of a rimless, waterproof container filled with vegetable oil. Alternatively, roll up a newspaper and hold it in place with a rubber band, then place it near a plant or other place the insects like, and let the earwigs spend the night inside the paper tube. They may not appreciate this act of generosity as much when, the next morning, you shake them violently from their new home and drop them into your fireplace or a jar of water!
  3. Vacuum the earwigs with your sweeper. Obviously, this is not a miracle solution, but it is effective nonetheless!

In the garden

* We do not recommend that you completely exterminate the forficula from your garden, as these insects consume decaying matter and larvae. They play a useful role, but they can become a nuisance if they are too numerous. *

  1. Pick your ripened fruits and vegetables as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming tourist attractions for earwigs.
  2. Keep your plants in good condition and prune them regularly. This will eliminate potential refuges for forficula.

In conclusion, there are several solutions to eliminate earwigs. However, if the methods mentioned in this article do not seem to work for you, call Brisebois Extermination. Who knows, we might even be able to suggest the name of a good jewelry store to get your ears pierced!