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5 reasons to exterminate mice in your home

5 reasons to exterminate mice in your home

It’s fall and little hairy faces have taken up residence in your home. You may be tempted to live with wild mice, but this is not a good idea. Here are 5 reasons why it’s important to get rid of mice in your walls as soon as possible.

2 types of mice in Quebec homes

Mice found in attics, barns and garages are either deer mice or house mice, also known as grey mice or common mice. The one with the white belly is the deer mouse, while the other species is rather brown and gray.

REASON 1: Mice will soil the surfaces in your home

Being able to get into spaces as small as one (1) cm in diameter, mice are undeniably explorers. They can swim, jump or climb on vertical surfaces. Along the way, these pests leave their mark in the form of pretty little black grains of rice. Make no mistake, this is excrement and it is possibly highly toxic.

Mice will urinate and defecate in drawers, cabinets, nooks and crannies and walls. Since these rodents carry many diseases, be careful when you come across a colony. Put on protective gloves and avoid lifting feces dust into the room. Beware of the deer mouse, which could transmit a very rare (to date,only one (1) case has been reported in Quebec) and fatal lung disease.

REASON 2: Mice destroy everything in their path

Imagine if your teeth never stopped growing. You’d probably gnaw on anything you could get your hands on too, right? This is the bad luck that awaits the mice. As their teeth continually lengthen, they will spend their time gnawing on your electrical wiring, pipes and building materials.

To avoid a short circuit, a gas leak, or even worse, a fire that could cause major damage to your building, it is best to deal with a mouse infestation problem quickly.

REASON 3: Mice are real eaters

These pesky rodents will eat any food that is lying around in your cabinets. Most of the time, the mouse colony will build its nest near the kitchen or another more easily accessible food source.

How frustrating it can be to come across little mouse droppings in our closets! Above all, never eat anything that has been in contact with a mouse or its droppings. Dispose of contaminated food safely.

REASON 4: Mice copulate at lightning speed

Do you think that the mouse in your kitchen is the only one living in your home? Why would it go back and forth so much if not for the fact that the mouse you see is the messenger that feeds the rest of the colony? It can be cute, but it is also very dangerous since mice reproduce at high speed.

As soon as you hear scratching and scurrying in your walls or come across mouse droppings, you must act quickly to avoid being colonized. A mouse can have up to 15 litters per year…

REASON 5: Mice cause nervous breakdowns

We’ve all seen (or been) that person who runs for cover as soon as a mouse shows up in a room in the house. We shout, we point at the harmful intruder and we hope above all that he will not jump in our face. Mice jump, but they are not snarling like rats, rest assured.

To prevent a mouse family from damaging your family’s morale, it’s best to get your mouse extermination problem under control quickly.

Do not hesitate to contact the pest management specialists Brisebois Exterminations Inc. serving the Greater Montreal and South Shore areas for over 30 years. Peace of mind assured.